Meet Sonny

Meet Sonny, Head of Hospitality Recruitment at Corecruitment and winner of our 10 day free pass prize from the recent raffle draw.

In a few short lines, tell us about yourself?

My name is Sonny, I moved to Epping from Woodford Green around 2 years ago. I have been in the hospitality recruitment space for Five years prior to that, I was in restaurant management.

I love to explore London’s forever-growing food & restaurant scene along with spending time with my little family that keeps me VERY busy!


What inspires you about working for your company?

 I am surrounded by great people and fellow industry specialists, we all have the same thing in common and that is a love for hospitality and finding the right people for our clients.


Can you share a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ on your business journey?

 A high for me is the relationships I have built with my clients some of which I would describe as friendships that pay my bills ha!

 A low on my business journey would have to be the along with many others the dreaded pandemic, it really did hit us as a business like a ton of bricks. 


What do you like about Epping?

 I love Epping and the community feels it has to it, not to mention the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Don’t get me wrong I am a city boy at heart however it is nice to have the diversity of both. 


What do you like about Link-WorkSpace?

 Link- WorkSpace for me was what Epping was missing, with the hybrid working now in full swing for most of us, I am not fortunate enough to have an office space at home, and with 2 children under 5, it can be difficult to focus. 

What they have done with the interior and aesthetics at Link-WorkSpace is truly incredible and gives a classy but welcoming feel to the space. The flexibility of the hot desking is also perfect for me as if I have a busy afternoon and need a place to focus this is where I go and will also give me the luxury of being home in time for bathtime. There is some real potential and I look forward to seeing them grow on their journey. 

Fun question: If you had to be a sauce what sauce would you be?

 Sriracha Chilli 

Thank you Sonny, we look forward to having you at Link-Workspace!