Meet Shameek business owner of Omvits!

        Meet Shameek business owner of Omvits! 

In a few short lines, tell us about your business/organisation?

Omvits is a health supplements company. Our products are made with cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly ingredients so they’re great for people’s health and also our planet too. We also support a charity that provides underprivileged children with life-changing vitamins to fight malnutrition, to date we have helped to support over 30,000 children around the world. 

What inspired you to join your (business/organisation)?

As a parent of two young children, I am concerned about their future because of all the issues with the environment and climate change. Working in a company that really cares about people and our planet is my dream job. 

Can you share a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ on your business journey?

I have many highs and lows like any entrepreneur or business owner. A big high, is when we rebranded the company and launched our 100% plastic free packaging. One of the low moments was during the pandemic lockdowns when we had to close down our office and nobody met each other for months. 

What do you like about Epping?

The forest, high street, local people and short commute into London are what make Epping a great place. 

What do you like about Link-WorkSpace?

Link-WorkSpace provides a high quality environment for successful people to work productively, focus and have a healthy routine. I think that working from home everyday can affect our relationships, health and mental wellbeing so it’s important to get out, separate work from home and spend time around like-minded professionals. 

Fun question: If you had to be a sauce what sauce would you be?

Spicy salsa! 


Thank you Shameek. We really enjoy having you and your family here with us at Link-workspace.