Link-WorkSpace celebrated International Women’s Day

Link-WorkSpace celebrated International Women’s Day:  8th March 2023  



A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for International Women’s Day celebration at Link Workspace today in Epping. So empowering 💪🏼 

At our Link-WorkSpace, we celebrated International Women’s Day with utmost admiration and respect for the extraordinary achievements of women in Epping. Through a series of engaging events and activities, we honoured the invaluable contributions of women in various fields and recognized their vital roles in shaping a diverse, inclusive, and progressive society.  

From insightful discussions to inspiring talks and communal gatherings, we commemorated the strength, resilience, and remarkable accomplishments of women, fostering a supportive environment where their voices were amplified and celebrated. It was a day filled with appreciation, empowerment, and a shared commitment to gender equality, marking the significance of women’s achievements and advocating for a more inclusive future.