Link-Creative Event

Link-Creative Event: Saturday 16th December 2023 


In a dazzling display of creativity and community spirit, the Link-Creative Event, took place in our co-working space in Epping on Saturday 16th December. Held in collaboration with and expertly hosted by Thea Montgomerie Anderson of TheaStylistLondon and creator of the “Women Making Waves” podcast, the Link-Creative Event was an overwhelming success! Not only did visitors get see the incredible creatives and their work at the event, but it also marked the launch of Link-WorkSpace’s all new podcast studio! 

The evening began with the unveiling of the studio; Link-Podcast Studio is a professional podcast studio based in our flexible co-working space in Epping, Essex. With professional and high-quality equipment, Link-Podcast Studio is here to provide you with professional podcast recording and editing solutions. As part of our podcasting services, we’re delighted to announce that we are now open for bookings for various types of podcast production including audio production, audio recording, video production, video recording and podcast editing. Our guests were extremely impressed with the studio, and many commented on its lavish and modern interior. One guest said “I’ve been so excited to see the studio after I saw the posters outside and I’m so impressed! I’ve already booked my first two sessions and can’t wait to start recording.”

After the podcast studio had been shown to the guests, we were ready to start showing off our wonderful creatives!

Setting the mood for this exciting event we were delighted to have the talented DJ Sophie Lorena who has previously featured on KISS Fresh, Rinse FM & Data Transmission Radio Station. Next, we were treated to the beauty of Afro-Brazilian martial arts, a wonderful performance by Capoeira Club Essex. After Capoeira Club Essex had taken the stage, we were mesmerized by the gifted Leomar Medradop who had us all in awe of his melodic voice as he sang Brazilian songs.

Changing things up a little bit, we then had Mr Sols (Dauda Ladejobi) – an award winning, Nigerian born poet from East London. Having previously performed his poetry at the Rich Mix, Barbican and Roundhouse, we were delighted to have him showcase his poems to our guests! Up next, we had Selena Braithwaite, Rayna Ebony, and Meron T – R&B soul singers with their own unique twists.

We were also incredibly lucky to have three gifted visual artists join us: Martyn Royce, Mayhala Fontenelle, and sustainable fashion designer Jevean-Tenniece Barryclough from Da Goat. Clothing.

Next, presenting an interactive showcase of Indian-inspired Mandala Art we had the talented Anjali Mishra and Callum McNorton who honoured his late mother, Sian Ellis, with the sale of her abstract paintings to raise funds for the 826 Heart Foundation Charity – an incredible accomplishment and an admirable way to honour his mother’s memory, a special thank you again to Callum McNorton and Sian Ellis! Katie from Little Windows Reading also treated guests to the art of fortune telling.

We were also delighted to work with UNDR LNDN Caroline Wilson, a London based film platform who kindly showcased two short films by Angela Moneke: Muna and Essex Girls! Angela Moneke is the co-founder of T A P E Collective, a film collective led by women of colour, which focuses on themes of identity, heritage, and culture. In 2022, Angela was recognises as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Entertainment.

We also wanted to say a special thank you to Rupy Virdee from The Ultimate Story for keeping our guests fully stocked with her delightful cocktails on the bar for the night. And another thank you to our wonderful host and presenter, Thea Montgomerie-Anderson!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to our generous sponsors for making this event possible. Thank you to ASB-McM UK Construction, Epping Beauty Clinic, and VA.City Exec Services.

A special thank you is in order to Biviana Bholanath, Co-Founder of Link-WorkSpace, for organising this incredible event and bringing a diverse group of creatives together. One of the goals of Link-WorkSpace is to foster an inspiring environment for collaboration and innovation, and we couldn’t have thought of a better way to do this than by hosting the Link-Creative Event. On that note, thank you again to all our creatives for sharing their talents and creative works with us and thank you to all our guests for celebrating and appreciating their hard work.

The Link-Creative Event was an incredible event that brought together creatives and community members alike and we’re delighted to have been able to create such a wonderful and exciting event. We can’t wait to host another creative event later in the year, so keep an eye out for the date!

If you can’t wait until the next creative event, why not join us at our next Link-Business Networking Event? Due to recommence in the next few weeks, our business professional networking event in Epping, Essex is an exciting occasion where professionals and individuals from all walks of life come together to network!