Our General T&Cs and Policies

Table of Contents


  1. Membership
  2. Payment
  3. Termination or Cancellation of Membership
  4. Unacceptable Behaviour
  5. Non-Disclosure
  6. Repairs and Maintenance
  7. Hot Desk and Open Lounge
  8. Conference Room
  9. Private Office
  10. Cancellation Policy
  11. Refund Policy
  12. CCTV
  13. Contacting Us



General Policies and Terms and Conditions


In consideration for the mutual benefits exchanged by Link-Workspace the (“Company”) and the undersigned (“You”), the (“Member”), or (“User”), collectively known as the (“Parties”). The Parties hereby agree, warrant, consent and covenant to the following terms, conditions, and representations listed below.

Link-Workspace Ltd. is a company registered in England No. 13217281.
Registered Office: 116 High Street, Epping, Essex, England, CM16 4AF.


  1. Membership

The Company offers various membership plans and packages, each with specific terms and fees. The Member must select an appropriate plan and make payment accordingly (please see point 2). Payment for further information on failure to make payment.

  • Memberships are non-transferable, and may not be shared with, or used by other users.
  • Days used within your monthly membership plan cannot be rolled over.
  • Membership is subject to acceptance by the Company. The Company reserves the right to refuse the sale of a membership without explanation.
  • Members acknowledge that they understand and agree to the termination and cancellation policy. (please see point 3). Termination or Cancellation of Membership for further details.
  • Private Office and Conference / Meeting room users must announce the number of guests prior to booking or date of visitation no additional fee required, Hot-Desk user guest must pay standard hot-desk price for the duration of stay – paid at the front desk upon arrival.
  • You must ensure that you, and your guests, sign in and out when entering and leaving the premises. Failure to do so could result in service restrictions, imposition of a ban and ineligibility for refunds.
  • When your membership is due to expire, it will automatically renewed unless you state otherwise via email, or, it is a one off purchase.
  • All memberships will begin on the date of payment unless agreed and scheduled at a different start date with a member of staff prior to purchase.
  • Private Office Members must pay a deposit and one month’s rent to secure their space. (please see point 2 Payment and 9). Private Office for more information.

Amenities include:

  • Access to the Co-working space
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Members have access to networking events hosted at Link-Workspace once a month.
  • 10% membership discount on certain products or services
  • Access to the fridge in the kitchen
  • Lockers (£2 per stay unless specified otherwise)
  • Catering upon request (Enquire for pricing)
  • Staff at hand for support during regular opening hours (Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm)


  1. Payment
    • The Member agrees to pay their membership fees on time, on the date agreed, as outlined in the selected membership plan.
    • Fees may be subject to change with reasonable notice provided to the Member.
    • Late payments may incur penalties, lead to suspension of access to the Co-Working facilities or result in the imposition of a ban.
    • In the event of failure to pay the membership fees within the specified timeframe, the Provider reserves the right to restrict the Member’s access to the coworking space and its facilities until the outstanding payments are settled.
    • Additionally, if the Member’s payment remains outstanding beyond a reasonable grace period, the Provider may suspend the Member’s ability to purchase any additional products or services offered by the coworking space until the payment is rectified.
    • The Provider will provide notice to the Member regarding any outstanding payments and the resulting restrictions, allowing a reasonable opportunity to rectify the situation.
    • To secure the reservation of a private office space, members must pay a deposit at the time of booking. This deposit will be securely held by the Provider and will be used for the purpose of covering any potential damages to the property or to address rent arrears.
    • If the deposit is utilised to settle a rent arrear, the Member acknowledges and agrees to replenish the deposit by remitting a replacement deposit to the Provider. Failure to replenish the deposit within 5 working days following the utilisation for rent arrears may result in the Member losing their office space.


  1. Termination or Cancellation of Membership
    • Members seeking to terminate their membership must provide written notice to the Provider. Cancellation requests must be submitted in written form and will not be accepted through in-person communication. The notice period varies depending on Membership and packages, for Monthly Members Private Office, Hot-Desk and Conference/Meeting Room users, we require 1 calendar Months’ Notice, Notice will commence on the date letter has been received to the date of cancellation of contract/subscription. For our Ad-hoc hourly, daily, weekly service packages please refer to point 10 for Cancellation Policy. Please note that cancellations delivered in person will not be considered valid and must follow the designated written notice process. Failure to do so may result in the Member being charged.
    • Early termination of membership without a notice period may result in forfeiture of any remaining prepaid fees or deposits, and no refund will be issued for the unused portion of the membership.
    • If a membership is terminated due to unacceptable behaviour or failure to pay rent, no refund will be issued for the unused portion of the membership.
    • For monthly and fixed-term memberships, no refunds will be provided for the portion of the membership unused as of the termination date.
    • Members terminating their membership fee before the expiration of a fixed-term agreement may be subject to an early termination fee equivalent to 10% of the remaining balance of the agreement.
    • Upon membership termination, the Member is responsible for returning all access credentials to the Company. This must be given in person or via signed delivery for security purposes.
    • Failure to return access credentials within day of termination may result in additional charges to cover replacement costs.
    • Members must remove all personal belongings from the coworking space by the termination date.
    • Any belongings left behind after the termination date shall be considered abandoned, and the Company reserves the right to dispose of, or store such belongings at the Member’s expense.
    • The Provider may update this policy from time to time. Members will be notified of any changes via email or other suitable means.
    • Members acknowledge and agree to adhere to this termination and cancellation policy. This policy constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties regarding membership termination and cancellation and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings.


  1. Unacceptable Behaviour

Link-Workspace are committed to fostering a professional, inclusive, and respectful environment for all our members. This Unacceptable Behaviour Policy outlines the standards of conduct expected from Members and guests utilising our coworking space facilities and services. By becoming a Member, you agree to adhere to these standards to ensure a harmonious and professional environment for all members, staff, and visitors. At the Provider’s sole discretion, you may be terminated for behaviour that violates any such policies.

  • Members are expected to treat fellow members, staff, and visitors with courtesy, respect, and consideration at all times.
  • Discriminatory, offensive, or harassing language, actions, or behaviour targeted at individuals based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other protected characteristic will not be tolerated.
  • Members must maintain an appropriate noise level conductive to a productive working environment, keeping in mind the shared nature of the space.
  • Activities that generate excessive noise or disturbances, such as but not limited to, loud conversations or disruptive meetings, should be conducted in designated areas or with consideration of others.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in their work areas and shared spaces, including cleaning up after themselves and disposing of rubbish appropriately. This applies to guests also.
  • Strong or unpleasant odours that may disturb others, as well as activities that compromise overall hygiene standards, are not permitted.
  • Members should be mindful of personal boundaries and avoid engaging in intrusive or unwelcome interactions with other.
  • Solicitation, promotion, or distribution or materials without prior approval from the Provider or management is prohibited.
  • All shared resources, including equipment, furnishings, and amenities, should be used responsibly and with consideration for other members.
  • Intentional damage, theft, or unauthorised use of coworking space property, equipment, or materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Members must adhere to all laws, regulations and legal requirements whilst using the coworking space.
  • Any illegal activities, including but not limited to substance abuse or any form of criminal behaviour, will not be tolerated.
  • In the event of witnessing or experiencing behaviour that violates this policy, members are encouraged to report the incident to the Provider or management.
  • The Provider reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including warnings, temporary suspension of access, or termination of membership, based on the severity of the violation.
  • Alcohol consumption within the coworking space is prohibited unless explicit written consent is obtained from the Provider.
  • Members seeking permission for alcohol consumption must submit a formal request outlining the nature of the event, the type and quantity of alcohol to be consumed, and the measures that will be taken to ensure responsible consumption.
  • Written consent from the Provider must be obtained prior to the consumption of alcohol within the coworking space.
  • Any alcohol-related activities conducted without prior consent from the Provider are strictly prohibited.
  • The provider reserves the right to withhold or grant consent at their discretion and to outline specific terms and conditions for permitted alcohol consumption. They also retain the right to intervene and take appropriate action in situations where alcohol consumption occurs without proper authorisation, including requesting the Member ceases consumption or vacates the premises.
  • The use, possession, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs within the coworking space is strictly prohibited.
  • Any engagement in illegal drug-related activities within the coworking space will result in immediate intervention by the Provider, potential legal action, and instant termination of membership.
  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited inside the coworking space.
  • Smoking and vaping are only permitted in designated outdoor areas as determined by the Provider. Members are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in these areas. This includes disposing of cigarette butts and vaping materials properly in the provided bins.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from engaging in or using the coworking space in connection with any form of lottery contest, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming, or any other behaviour that is considered unethical or deceptive.


  1. Non-Disclosure

Members acknowledge and agree that they may come across confidential information regarding the Company’s operations, business strategies, financial details, and other sensitive matters whilst using the coworking space. Members commit to maintaining strict confidentiality and not disclosing, sharing, or using any confidential information acquired during their membership for personal gain or for any purpose. This obligation of confidentiality extends beyond the termination of membership and remains in effect indefinitely. Violation of this non-disclosure clause may result in termination of membership and legal action.


  1. Repairs and Maintenance
    • Members acknowledge that the provider is responsible for ensuring the overall maintenance and upkeep of the coworking space, including common room areas, shared facilities, and essential utilities.
    • Members must promptly report any damages, maintenance issues, or repairs needed to the Provider via email or in person.
    • In the event that repairs or maintenance are required within a Member’s rented workspace, the Provider will make reasonable efforts to schedule and perform the necessary tasks with minimal disruption to the member’s operations.
    • Members are expected to cooperate with the Provider’s maintenance and repair efforts, which may require temporarily vacating their workspace as needed.
    • Members are prohibited from attempting any repairs or modifications to the coworking space.
    • In the event that a member attempts an unauthorized repair, and such actions result in damage to the coworking space, the member will be held financially responsible for the cost of repairs, restoration, and any other associated expenses.



  1. Hot Desk and Open Lounge

This policy governs the use of our hot desking and open lounge facilities and outlines the necessary procedures, including our cancellation policy. Additionally, Users acknowledge and understand that they must adhere to all policy requirements listed above.

  • Members with a monthly membership have priority access to hot desking facilities.
  • Hot desking spaces are available to Users on a first-come, first-served basis. Users are recommended to book a space in advance to guarantee availability.
  • Users must adhere to their allocated time slot. Extended usage beyond the designated time may result in additional charges or the imposition of a ban on future bookings.
  • Users are expected to maintain a clean and organised workspace. All personal items should be removed at the end of each session to facilitate the use of the desk by other members.
  • Any personal belongings left unattended at the end of a hot desking session will be subject to removal and disposal.
  • Link-Workspace holds no responsibility for items left behind and will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred due to the disposal of unattended items.
  • If the open lounge is not available for hot desking, we may, at our discretion and subject to availability, place users in a private office or conference room if such spaces are unoccupied and not booked.
  • This arrangement is not indicative of future entitlement to use such spaces without appropriate payment for the requested service.
  • Should another User require the use of the private office or conference room during the session, the current hot desk user may be relocated to another available space.
  • Requests to modify or reschedule hot desking sessions are subject to availability and must be made in compliance with the cancellation policy. Please see 10. Cancellation Policy for further details.
  • Users should promptly communicate any unforeseen changes to their booking plans to facilitate appropriate adjustments.


  1. Conference / Meeting Room

Users that reserve and use the Conference / Meeting Room acknowledge and accept the terms outlined within this policy. This includes the deposit and upfront payment requirements. This policy is subject to periodic review and updates and any changes will be communicated to users accordingly.

  • The Conference Room is designed to accommodate a maximum of fifteen – twenty individuals.
  • In cases where the number of participants exceeds eight individuals, an additional fee will apply for each extra person beyond the initial eight. Please speak to a member of staff for further information regarding additional fees.
  • Reservations for the Conference Room must be made in advance through our booking system or by speaking to a member of staff. Walk-in use of the room is subject to availability.
  • A deposit is required to secure your reservation. The deposit amount is full price. and will be credited towards the final fee for the reservation. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • For reservations of more than eight individuals, full upfront payment is required at the time of booking. This payment will be non-refundable unless the cancellation policy is adhered to (please see point 10). Cancellation Policy for further information.
  • Cancellations or modifications to conference room reservations must be made with reasonable notice in accordance with our cancellation policy. The deposit will not be refunded for cancellations. Upfront payments will only be refunded if in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  • Users are responsible for setting up the conference room as needed for their session, unless agreed otherwise. Staff are at hand for support with IT and technical assistance. All items should be returned to their original places and the room should be left tidy.
  • All personal items should be removed at the end of each session to facilitate the use of the Conference Room by others.
  • Any personal belongings left unattended at the end of a hot desking session will be subject to removal and disposal.


  1. Private Office

Private Office users acknowledge and understand that they must adhere to all general policies, terms and conditions listed.

  • To secure a Private Office, a security / holding deposit and one month’s rent upfront is required at the time of reservation. The deposit and rent amount will be specified to the User.
  • The deposit will be held by Link-Workspace and utilised as a security measure against any potential damages to the office space during your occupancy.
  • The monthly fee for private office usage is dependant on the specific office space chosen. Different offices within our facility may have varying pricing structures based on factors such as size, amenities, and location.
  • Private offices are available on two types of plans:
    Flexible Monthly Plan: Under this plan, office users pay a monthly fee based on the chosen office. The user can terminate the plan with a notice period as outlined in this policy.
    Fixed Contract Plan: Office users may also opt for a fixed-term contract lasting 3, 6, or 12 months. The terms and conditions of the contract will be communicated at the time of reservation.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from subleasing their private office space to any third party.
  • In the event of subleasing, immediate termination of the user’s office usage will occur. Moreover, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Prior to utilising the private office, all users are required to complete an onboarding document. This document will familiarise you with Link-Workspace’s policies and procedures. The completed onboarding document is subject to approval before office usage can commence.
  • Office spaces must be maintained in an orderly and professional manner.
  • Should rent arrears occur, we reserve the right to apply the deposit towards settling the outstanding rent.
  • In the event that the deposit is used to settle rent arrears, a new deposit equivalent to one month’s rent will be required to continue using the office space.
  • The deposit is held as a security measure against potential damaged incurred during occupancy. Any damages beyond normal wear and tear will result in the deduction of repair costs from the deposit.
  • If the deposit has been used to settle rent arrears and there is damage to the office space, the User will be held financially responsible for the cost of repairs, restoration, and any other associated expenses.
  • If no damages are incurred, the deposit will be refunded within 30 days after the termination of the office usage.
  • If you wish to terminate your usage of the private office, notice must be provided in accordance with our cancellation policy. Please see 10. Cancellation Policy for further information.
  • The office space should be vacated in the condition it was provided, with all personal belongings removed.
  • In the event of rent increases, notice will be provided, and you will have the option to decide whether to renew at the updated rental rate.
  • Link-Workspace reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy. Users will be informed of any updates in advance.


  1. Cancellation Policy

Please carefully read the guidelines below:

  • To secure a reservation for our coworking space, an upfront payment may be required. This is dependant on the service or product you require.
  • In addition to an upfront payment, a deposit may also be required – depending on the service or product. Deposits are non-refundable and are held as a security measure against any potential damages incurred during occupancy.
  • Private Office users who wish to terminate their office rental are required to provide written notice to Link-Workspace, 30 days prior to the desired termination date. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in penalties, such as forfeiting a portion of, or all, of the security deposit. Please submit your termination notice to info@linkworkspace.co.uk or admin@linkworkspace.co.uk. Notice given in person will not be accepted and members may be susceptible to deposit forfeiture.
  • Depending on time of booking you are required to provide 2 weeks notice to receive full refund, should a cancellation occur 7 days to 24 hours notice prior to booking you will receive credit of the same amount for the same service and can be utilised at another suitable time.
  • Users acknowledge and accept that if less than 24 hours’ notice is given, they must pay the fee in full. If an upfront payment has already been made, this will not be refunded.
  • In the event of a cancellation, deposits will not be refunded.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to info@linkworkspace.co.uk or admin@linkworkspace.co.uk.
  • The date of receipt of the cancellation request will determine the applicable refund timeframe. Please see 11. Refund Policy for further information.
  • If a user fails to check in and use the reserved coworking space without prior notice, the deposit (and upfront payment if applicable) will be forfeited.
  • Exceptions to this cancellation policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be at the sole discretion of Link-Workspace.




  1. Refund Policy
    • Refunds will be issued in accordance with the terms outlined in our cancellation policy.
    • Deposits are non-refundable and will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.
    • Upfront payments will be eligible for a refund only if a booking is cancelled within the timeframe specified in the cancellation policy.
    • Refund amounts will depend on the cancellation timeframe as indicated in the cancellation policy.
    • Refunds for eligible cancellations will be processed within the time provided by our bank or card provider of receiving the cancellation request.
    • Refunds will be issued using the same payment method that was used for the original transaction.
    • In the case of no-shows, where the user fails to utilise the reserved coworking space without any prior notice, no refunds will be issued.
    • Exceptions to this refund policy may be considered on a case by case basis and will be at the sole discretion of Link-Workspace.


  1. CCTV

Link-Workspace is committed to protecting the privacy and security of you and your personal data that is in our possession or control. Our aim is to safeguard your privacy whilst providing our services. Collecting personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy your expectations and requirements. We kindly ask that you read the separate Privacy Policy for further information on our practices regarding our interactions with you online, over the telephone and when you visit Link-Workspace.

Please see separate Privacy Policy for further information.

  • Users acknowledge and accept that if they visit Link-Workspace in person, we may record footage of them on our CCTV system.
  • Link-Workspace keeps recordings of telephone calls and CCTV footage, as determined in accordance with our internal compliance procedures implemented from time to time.


  1. Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about our General Policies and Terms and Conditions, Policy or have any other concerns about any matters relating to it, please email us at info@linkworkspace.co.uk.

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